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AGL Building was founded to provide affordable repairs to homeowners in need. The founder, Angello Cruz, began repairing various household items upon request while he was washing cars and later gained formal training in repair work. After working for several companies, AGL Building was established as a jack-of-all-trades company, offering services in wall repairs, painting, roofing, concrete repairs, landscaping design, maintenance, carpentry, and staining.

With over 25 years of experience, Angello Cruz has worked on a variety of jobs and is constantly learning to adapt to the challenges of Michigan’s four seasons.

As the company grew, it began to focus on interior repairs; specifically walls and painting. AGL prides itself on its vast knowledge of troubleshooting and finding the root of problems to provide proper repairs.

AGL Building aims to continue growing and serving the southwest Michigan community for years to come, finding joy in making a difference through building, fixing, and maintaining homes.

EPA RRP Certified

Renovation, repair, and painting projects in pre-1978 homes and buildings can contain lead and lead-based materials. AGL Building understands the importance of handling these toxic materials carefully to ensure the safety of your family! By completing the EPA RRP Certification Program, AGL is dedicated to protecting ourselves, our employees, and our clients from the dangers of lead exposure.

Certified City of Kalamazoo Minority Contractor

Listed through the City of Kalamazoo as an approved minority vendor for home repair and property maintenance projects.

Bi-Lingual Team

AGL Building has staff members who speak both Spanish and English to ensure clients are easily understood through the entire construction process. 

LEAD ABATEMENT Certified Supervisor

AGL Building is a Certified Lead Abatement Supervisor and has the capabilities to oversee lead abatement projects by supervising lead abatement workers as well as performing lead abatement work themselves. We are committed to keeping your home healthy and safe for your family.

Strong Foundations Program Graduate

As an enrolled construction company in the Strong Foundations Program, AGL Building attended practical-knowledge courses on legal documents, accounting, marketing strategies, and business banking.

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“I highly recommend AGL for any home repair, and plan on using them for future projects. They do great work, and are very reasonably priced, and will leave you satisfied with the work they do.”

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